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Cypher Overview


This is our most advanced project yet, as we have incorporated the latest Carbon Fibre and Kevlar composites into the chassis design. 

This has resulted in a very light weight chassis, yet one that has easily met the very stringent tortional stiffness regulations imposed by countries such as Australia and the U.S.A.

The results of these regulations are usually only met by testing a vehicle with an integral roof and with the windscreen in place, as both of these items contribute to a vehicle’s rigidity. In the case of the new Chevron, Dan has designed the car to exceed the required condition with the top off and the screen yet to be fitted.

The Auckland University School of Engineering, who worked with us on this project, have not been able to source an example of any vehicle yet constructed that can boast this achievement.

Two versions of the car will be offered;

The touring version will have hinged doors, generous luggage capacity and electric windows, as well as a fuel-injected lightweight 4.4litre V8 multi-valve engine.

We have also completed a race version that has a turbocharged fuel-injected engine, a space-frame chassis and a unitary body.



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